Friday, March 7, 2008

from Freud's to heath in Hampstead

A wander about the neighbourhood leads me to Freud's Museum, where I can view but not recline on the famous psychoanalyst's famous couch. I learn Freud was Jewish and Salvador Dali sketched a pen drawing of Freud's head as a conch shell, with a spiral inward and a distended forehead. I find Hampstead Heath, "320 acres of semi-wilderness with views of London skyline", and snap a swan and a father-daughter pair. A pub called The Holly Bush with wall paper yellowed from the cigarettes now banned to the cobblestones outside. The evening ends up down around Picadilly Circus, the bright lights of the Sanyo sign conjuring Times Square or Shibuya crossing in Tokyo. Whilst the boys find the Ship Pub and drink the night away, I grab some chips with mayonnaise and wander home.

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